Play Fantan Online at จีคลับ

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จีคลับ is one of the most renowned online casino platforms in Thailand. It offers a very secured and confidential environment to play various online casino games such as Bacarrat, Fantan, Slots, Dragon Tiger and many more.

One of the most loved games on จีคลับ is Fantan Online. It is interesting, easy to play and offer numerous winning opportunities to its players. You can play Fanatan Online from any part of the world and at any time without any constraints on จีคลับ.

What is Fantan Online?

Fantan is an ancient Chinse gambling game that has been a part of their culture for ages. Earlier, this game was played with beans and peas, and now it is played with beads or buttons. This ancient game is also available on จีคลับ. You can enjoy the best experience of Fantan available online at จีคลับ and win rewards.

How is Fantan Online Played?

To play Fantan Online, you can visit the official website of จีคลับ or you can install their mobile application Royal Casino or Royal Casino v2. The game begins with the dealer flipping a full bowl of beads on the table. The player has to predict the outcome of the game, and the most accurate predictions take the winning prize home. 


The layout of Fantan Online is similar to Sic Bo. You will be introduced to numerous betting possibilities, and you can declare your bets by placing chips on them.

The dealer will seize two handfuls of buttons or beads and will place them in a bowl that is complete hidden from the player’s views. After all the players have placed their bets, the dealer will reveal the bowl full of beads. He will then arrange the beads into 4 groups and then will count them. 

Types of bets on Fantan Online-

In Fantan you can place various wagers on the game. The bets are placed on how many beads will be left after the beads are arranged into a group of four. Let’s have a look at some of the common wagers at Fantan Online:

  • Fan: In these bets, you need to put your money at stake on the exact number of beads remaining.

  • Nim: It is exactly like Fan bet; however, you need to bet on two numbers. One number is referred to as a win and the other as a push. 

  • Kwok: This bet is like Nim; however, in Kwok, both the numbers are calculated as a win.

  • Nga Tan: The Nga Tan bet is like Nim; however, bet is made on three number where two numbers are counted as a win and one as a push.

  • Sheh Sam Hong: In Sheh Sam Hong bet is made on three numbers and all three are counted as a win. 

You can place any bet of your choice on Fantan Online and grab a chance to take the winning money home. You can access it through visiting the จีคลับ official website or installing its mobile application, Royal Online or Royal Online v2.