Pompage Bac À Graisse Paris: By Absorbed Assainissement Francilien

The sewage water from our houses and industrial buildings is collected into the sewage collectors. As time passes, the sediment builds up in its columns. This decreases the diameter of the conduits making it difficult for the water to flow. If this passage is blocked, it can also cause flooding. 

  • Need for pompage bac à graisse paris:

 The scales developed on the walls of the conduit undergo chemical reactions leading to the production of toxic gaseous substances. These gases react with the cast iron pipes and eat them away. They can also dry out PVC pipes and damage the joint. Foul odors are accompanied by leaks in the passage of sewage water conduit. 

  This is why it is necessary to maintain the wastewater evacuation systems along with cleaning them from time to time, also called pompage bac à graisse paris.‘ (Pumping and cleaning) According to Public Health Code, the individual owners are supposed to keep their installation in good working condition and order to avoid disturbance to the people around. 

  • Pompage bac à graisse paris by Absorbex Assainissement Francilien:

 Pompage bac à graisse paris includes cleaning of sewage collectors by extracting the sediments. These sediments consist of heavy metals, PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls), pesticides, radionuclides, etc. This whole process has to be carried out by an experienced professional to minimize the risk of pollution. During the operation, the sediments are resuspended in the water. The toxic substances in sediments such as pesticides and heavy metals can be part of it. If they are the septic tanks, the sediment may contain pathogens. Moreover, cleaning is also a source of foul odor. 

  •  Process of Pumping and Cleaning:     

The sanitation company of Paris and ile de France and Oise – Absorbex Assainissement Francilien,  offers it’s customers with pompage bac à graisse paris. This is done by using high-pressure pumps with a flow rate of 60-70 liters/min for hydrodynamic cleaning. The powerful water jet removes the scale adhered to the surface of the pipe, thus cleaning it properly. 

Even after cleaning the pipes with water, the organic matter may stay on the surface by tightly adhering to it. This organic matter is attacked by bacteria. The organic matter starts to dissolve and disintegrate, thus ensuring deep cleaning. This method makes it possible to clean small or brittle pipes which cannot withstand high water pressure. The team at Absorbex Assainissement Francilien will happily assess it properly and clean it with appropriate methods. 

  • Services offered for pompage bac à graisse paris:

  1.  Hydrocurage
  2. Inspection of pipes
  3. Sump
  4. Pumping of wastewater
  5. Pumping of greasy water
  6. Pumping of hydrocarbon water
  7. Pumping other wastes
  8. Pumping tanks
  9. Emptying grease traps
  10. Cleaning of pipe
  11. Waste transport
  12. Degassing
  13. Disgorgement
  14. Hydrocarbon tank cleaning
  15. Wastewater treatment plant cleaning
  16. Garbage chute cleaning

  • Steps for pompage bac à graisse paris:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Overhaul
  3. Repair
  4. Installation

  • This can be done in 

  • Grease and hydrocarbon separators
  • Oil separators
  • Tanks
  • Pits
  • Basins
  • Pumps 
  • Lifting stations
  • Cleaning garbage chutes

  • Cleaning of :

  1. wastewater pipes
  2. gutters
  3. rain pipes

  • Televised inspection of pipe with

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Paper

  • Other Services include:

  1.  Free study
  2. Intervention throughout ile de France and Oise
  3. Warranty extension
  4. Annual maintenance contract
  5. Equipment loan