Financial Service Technology Reviving The Lending Business in India

So to outlive and also to stay one step in front of the competitors, companies should be tuned directly into workers and clients whatsoever occasions, while regularly conquering logistical limitations. This needs a powerful fieldforce automated device that unites your people, procedures and technology together to complete accurate and rapid decision-making. Lenders in India are battling to outlive due to insufficient fieldforce for business development and client support. These field agents are at a loss for the slow procedure for manual assortment of client information, transferring it to work to handle, then awaiting acceptance. Such work-intensive data processes also cost companies money.

Uniphore increases performance and reduces costs for lending business through finish-to-finish computerized of sales, choices, and customer support functions. Uniphore’s solutions combine speech and knowledge technologies to look at fieldforce activities, removing the discomfort from the information paper-based capture-transmit-receive design. Uniphore’s solution also makes more personalized and safe atmosphere for that finish customer, through improved Contact Center applications. mForce helps replace paper-based workflows with easy data capture across a variety of cell phones.

Answering services company automation

Uniphore’s Contact Center Automated solution enables companies to keep high quality customer care while decreasing the necessity of more employees for accomplishing this goal. With the aid of Uniphore’s Contact Center solution users have access to their username and passwords and manage from the location, using any kind of mobile phone through financial service technology added to Speech Biometrics-based verification process. They can immediately check into their username and passwords like loan demands, through speech-driven instructions in any kind of 14 Indian languages. The strength of voice technology significantly increases security of client communications, decreases clients’ call periods of time, and offers the customer by having an individualized self-service experience of their local language.

Fieldforce Automation

mForce was created to handle the issue of under-efficient employees. Any company that deploys mForce will encounter impressive enhancement in fieldforce efficiency. Uniphore’s fieldforce automated solution significantly increases field agent efficiency by strengthening these workers with back-office handling abilities. The region agent fills in the digital form on his mobile phone through text or voice information. Then he transmits legal customer certification via a cellular checking device, and builds up payments around the place while using solution’s selection tools. The rear-finish component immediately collates these details inside a effective web application, giving business supervisors unmatched exposure over area functions.

The below described factors obvious the different advantages any loan company can acquire with an effective fieldforce automated tool:

Location tracking tool enables the managers to trace the employees’ real location.

Better exposure of money flows and lower scams with digital payment selection tools.

Diminish paper-based workflows using the simple information record across a number of cell phones.

Reduce revenue and repair periods through real-time information exchange between area agents & back-finish business managers.

Diminish the necessity of collecting document by hand and handling having a high-resolution cellular scanner.

Reduced the job of form filling by hand through conversation and predictive written text inputs.