How Long is Formula Good For? Important Things You Should Know

If you’ve never used formula before, the thought of using it with your newborn can seem very strange. However, once you get past the initial weirdness and start to understand why and how you would use a bottle, it becomes a lot easier. Fortunately, there are several ways that parents can protect their child from getting sick while also giving them something different to eat. Here we will explore exactly how long formula is good for when stored in different conditions; what types of storage containers are best; and some tips on how to keep your formula fresher for longer.

The Safety of Using Formula for Babies

When stored correctly, the powdered formula itself will last for around two years. It is the most common misconception that formula is only good for six months, so we’re here to set the record straight! However, it is important to consider how it is stored and the environment it is in because these two can affect how long is formula good for. Once mixed with water, the formula has a shelf life of around 24 hours. So while the powdered concentrate itself lasts for a long time, if it is not stored correctly, it can become unusable within a day or two. Normally, formula is stored in boxes or bags. While these containers have a long shelf life, they can be prone to contamination; especially if they are not stored correctly. In order to minimize the risk of the formula going bad, you need to make sure that the container is clean. You can use hot water and a mild soap or detergent to make sure that bacteria or germs are not clinging to the container.

3 Ways to Store Formula for Longer

There are three ways that you can extend the life of your child’s formula, allowing it to stay fresh and effective for longer. Firstly, you can choose to store the formula in a bottle that is designed to be used with cold liquids. The bottles will have a self-sealing spout that will prevent bacteria from entering the bottle. The bottles can be stored in the refrigerator, which will slow down the bacterial growth process. Alternatively, you can store the formula in a bottle that has been pre-frozen. The frozen bottles can be placed in a cooler or cooler bag with ice packs. The ice packs will slow down the bacterial growth process, as will the cold bottle. Another option is to use a freeze-dried formula. The freeze-dried powder is mixed with water before feeding. This formula will last for up to three years once opened, which is longer than most other types of formula.

As you can see, the powdered formula itself will last for two years once the container has been opened, so long as it is stored correctly. Before feeding your baby, you should know how long is prepared formula good for. While the formula itself lasts for a long time, it is essential to store it correctly in order to maximize its useful life. You should choose a formula container that is airtight and can be stored in a refrigerator or at room temperature. You can also use a formula container that has been pre-frozen. If you follow these tips, you can rest assured that your child’s formula will last for as long as possible.