Kirkpatrick leather make cross draw Holsters that last

Kirkpatrick is a worldwide famous company. It is officially licensed and based in the United States. The pieces from Kirkpatrick have both charm and skills. In this article, we will be sparing a few glances on the topics like what kind of holsters are produced by Kirkpatrick and what is the durability of the same.

What kind of holsters are produced by Kirkpatrick? Is the quality excellent?


Kirkpatrickleather precisely values the amount of art and beauty they add to their items. For every product, the ready-made leather shoulder holster or any part of it separately, you will get it all at Kirkpatrick. The current list of featured products at Kirkpatrick contains rifle butt cover holster, double mag pouch, Kirkpatrick under cover OWB holster, Kirkpatrick texas cross draw OWB holster and a few others. You get to choose holsters from 4 different categories named 1911 holsters, ready to ship gun holsters, cowboy leather gun holsters and custom holsters.

Quality is not an option for compromising. The correct usage of a holster can help you kill many in one shot while if it is uncomfortable to wear, or maybe the hard access to the withdrawal of the gun can get you in danger too. After the products reach the first man to start with the decorating work, the item from then is handled with more care. After the polishing is done for your holster to shine, a separate layer is glided against the outer surface to prevent the finishing to waver even a bit.

Holsters from Kirkpatrick are made to last


Usually, holsters come with the normal quality leather that is used for a couple or two years. Even though Kirkpatrick has several options, each holster that is displayed for sale is checked thoroughly, reviewed by masters and a long-lasting item. Every cross draw Holster to leather shoulder holster you see on Kirkpatrick’s official online shop is made from the hands of workers, from the artist’s own hands to add their price of essence into the put it in simple words, leather holsters at Kirkpatrick have long durability.

To make a long-lasting product, the process starts from choosing a good source of the raw provider. Kirkpatrick is proud to tell you that the raw providers for their company, especially for the excellent quality of leather, are trusted and famous providers from Texas. The Holsters from outside and important parts are sewn from seven cord bonded nylon thread. The machines are heavy duty and the critical parts are stitched to make sure it doesn’t part easily.

The custom leather holster at Kirkpatrick Leather is one of the many reasons why people approach the brand. With customers’ uniqueness and adding a taste from skilled artists’ Magical fingers, the outcome has always been satisfying and more than just fine. Even though in the custom leather holster category, the products are not completely produced by the company, they would still give you the best quality material that would shine as much as you expected.