Nectar India – Nectar Technology in North-East India

Using the motive of employing and leveraging niche frontier technologies provided with the central science department and institutions,

NECTAR ensures to use appropriate technology for that upliftment within the regions of bio-diversity concerns, watershed management, telemedicine, horticulture, infrastructure planning and development, planning and monitoring and tele-schooling.

Having a obvious vision to be the best choice of Center and Promote, NECTAR India abides to nurture and make sure the delivery and employ of technology applications for masses and social good. Planning to achieve and expand the merits of technology among the folks, institutions and government exclusive social and economic growth and development of its northern border-East India.

Chairman from the governing Council Dr. T. Ramasami with other partners brings states like Assam, Mizoram, Sikkim, Manipur, Tripura etc together to provide NE technology and serve people from the North East India by presenting efficient and productive technology sectors like Agriculture and Agri-business, Horticulture, Bamboo related Applications, Land use and natural sources management, Water Basin and Watershed management Solutions, Technology Applications in Health insurance and Education, IT and communication tools, products and technologies, Technology products for improving security and safety, Monitoring tools for social sector schemes and programs from the Government and many others.

NECTAR India with the aid of NE technologies are running several projects effectively. Where Meshnet is really a networking enabling individual nodes in not just recording its very own data but additionally functions like a relay for other nodes. It’s collaborate to propagate the information in network, the SDR communication platform can be used to supply lengthy distance communication using legacy and modern protocols. This will make the woking platform not just efficient suitable for most legacy equipment operating today. Another project known as Thin internet is ARM based device which runs android that may be connected to the display of TV by having an HDMI port efficiently enabling it as being a skinny client. Even the NECTAR India runs some very atmosphere necessity projects like ton modeling. In which the prime focus would be to render Real-time ton monitoring and forecast the forest gauge data and discharges within the downstream river in which the actual ton occasions occur, according to hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling. Other projects such as the Bamboo Board, Processing Technologies for Ginger root and Turmeric, Agarbatti Marketing and Upkeep of Natural Dye Yielding Vegetation is prominent enough to bolster its northern border-East India atmosphere.