Spam Test from Folderly Email Tester – An Assurance to Email Deliverability

Folderly, an AI-based email testing platform is a ray of hope for numerous businesses. It hasn’t been easy for business people to reach out to investors due to blacklisting and spam. Emails are the formal way of professional communication. So, there is no chance of risking an opportunity by not giving proper attention to these issues.

Well, apart from pasting your email in the specified dialogue box, there is nothing else needed, thanks to Folderly. As soon as you drop in the information, it runs your email through several campaigns that test the information for spam words, blacklists, etc. The results display on the screen for you to check and rectify the possible flaws. The number of non-errors or spam-free words in the email, number of errors, and warnings appear as a part of the report. Analyze these outcomes carefully so that you can enhance your email quality in the future.

Features of FolderlyEmail Tester:

As per recent studies, almost fifty percent of business emails remain undelivered to the recipients and remain in the spam folder. Folderly ensures that your emails aren’t a part of this fifty percent. Be it an agency, start-up, or enterprise, email communication is a significant key to success. How fair is it to lose the opportunities even without reaching the recipients? So, Folderly offers spam test or spam checks to give an assurance that your emails reach the destined location.   

Email Spam Check:

One thing to note here is that even the commonly-used words could be a part of someone’s blacklist. It is impossible to know and memorize theserestrictions. Folderly identifies spam words by performing various spam-check campaigns. Once these concerns come to the limelight, you can improve the email deliverability rates. This scrutiny also helps save businesses and marketing emails from several blocking filters and spam. 

Folderly spam test happens in three simple steps. They are as follows:

Step – 1: First, connect any domain or email address on any ESP having IMAP, Oath, or SMTP integrations. In simple terms, you are initiating the search campaign here. 

Step – 2: Folderly carefully checks every single word in the emails to identify potential concerns and possible reasons for performance

dips. Folderly also finds out the source or root of these sending issues.

Step – 3: Finally, Folderly finishes the process by fixing all the issues in the emails and ensures maximum deliverability.

  • The working process behind these steps followed by the Folderly email testing platform is:
  • These search campaigns begin by identifying the technical errors related to the emails if any. 
  • The focus then shifts to the spam filters after clearing off the technical issues. 
  • Folderly enhances the placements of your emails by boosting the rating of email addresses associated with the platform. These email placements improve due to the spam fixing rating of mails sent from registered email addresses.

Apart from spam checking, you can also use the email deliverability test from Folderly. Here, you can understand the possibility of your email reaching the recipient’s inbox.