All about Tezos ICO Recover

Tezbox is one of the greatest applications for storing and recovering the Tezos ICO. Only if you have your private key with you, recovering the wallet address would be a piece of cake for you. Also, Tezbox allows you to have multiple wallet addresses. Through Tezbox, monitoring and recovering all wallet addresses has become easy. The Tezbox wallet is available for mobile devices as well as computers. They are the best Tezos foundation. You can easily download the application on your Mac OS or Windows computer system. If you don’t want to download, then you can add an extension on your firefox, chrome, or any other browser considering you have internet access.

You can download the Tezbox application from Google Playstore or the Apple store. This way, you can have access to your wallet address even on your phone. However, make sure that you keep your private key secured and beware of hackers. However, if under any circumstances you forget your ICO password then you recover it with an approach, which is available for everyone.

There is a launch of the Tezos ICO recover foundation. It is a striking way to recover your wallet address. It is a great and very secure way to recover your account through secured block-chain transactions. You can use this launch through desktop, mobile, and extensions. Here are few points to keep in mind if you want to go through the process of Tezos ICO recover.

– If you are a user of Tezbox wallet, then you have to search for the capability that can animate your wallet. The other option is to earn a new one.

– You can do it by restoring the Tezbox wallet from the ICO.

– You can restore your wallet through various means, these are:-

  1. The password that you used for ICO
  2. The seed phrase, which can be found on the PDF
  3. You require the email address that was used while signing up.
  4. The public key. The key should begin with tz1
  5. The activation code that you must have received after the completion of the KYC/AML verification process.

However, you need to know that this KYC/AML verification process is a very controversial part when it comes to the Tezos community. However, if you want to recover through an ICO wallet then, you have to complete the KYC wallet. Once the process is completed, you will receive an email from token-soft regarding the public key that you have provided.

While on Tezbox wallet, you have multiple options through with you can do the Tezos ICO recover. You can restore your wallet through private key, seed phrase, and ICO wallet; You must choose the last option. You have to enter information like seed phrase, private key, and email address for ICO. The activation more available is optional. The Tezbox will ask you for a password, and you have to make sure that it is a complex one. Hence, you can now access your ICO.