Why a Cushion Cut Amethyst Ring is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

February, the month of love, has many lovers worried. What do they gift their lovely partners for Valentine’s Day, the official day of love? This question looms inside every lover’s head every February. The perfect solution may be the official February birthstone – Amethyst gemstones. The Amethyst gemstone is a purple-colored gemstone that has been used to create jewelry items for centuries. It’s the official birthstone for February children because it’s also the official birthstone of St. Valentine himself. Since St. Valentine was known for his passion, it’s understandable why so many people prefer receiving and giving jewelry pieces with Amethyst stones on Valentine’s Day. Here’s why those people are right and why Amethyst rings are the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day –

Popular Since the Greeks

Not only is Amethyst the official stone of St. Valentine’s, but it also has deeper roots. Although Amethyst stones have been discovered in ancient Egyptian burial sites, the Egyptians never wrote about the stone. The ancient Greeks have written plenty about the mystical benefits of the Amethyst stone. In fact, they were the first ones to name this violet-colored semi-precious gemstone. The Greeks used Amethyst gemstones as symbols of self-control and sobriety. This purple-colored gemstone has been used for centuries as a symbol of calmness and conscious behaviors.

Available in Classy Cuts

The Amethyst stone scores seven on the Mohs hardness scaleView Post. Diamond scores ten, and it’s the most durable material in the world. So, a score of seven is very good. Plus, Amethyst isn’t too hard and very easy to cut. Top jewelry designers can effortlessly cut this natural gemstone symmetrically and evenly to create stunning designs. A high-quality cushion cut Amethyst ring is guaranteed to brighten up any jewelry collection! Place this deep violet-colored gemstone inside a white gold or platinum band, and you’ll have a stunning piece of jewelry in your hands!

Amethyst Stones Last for Long Periods

Amethyst stones can last for hundreds of years if maintained properly. As long as jewelry owners clean their Amethyst rings regularly, they can expect to pass these pieces of jewelry to their children. Plus, Amethyst costs far less than most precious gemstones, and it appreciates in value. These technical, aesthetical, and historical reasons make Amethyst rings ideal gifts for Valentine’s Day celebrations. After all, who doesn’t want to own a gemstone that has been used by the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks as symbols of love and passion? Amethyst rings are ideal additions to any jewelry collection!